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Our Silver Cloud

The original owner lived in Birmingham, England and had a chauffeur to drive the vehicle (we don’t dare say car) for him. I think the owner also owned a business. He sold the vehicle around 1974 to a former Rolls Royce mechanic who bought it only to fix it up a bit and then to sell it, to me as it was, in 1975. I worked for Xerox in London at the time and I arranged for Xerox to ship the vehicle (and me too) back to the US.

At first, I didn’t realize what I had, and foolishly used the RR as my every day car to go to and from work. Too many dings and dents convinced me that was a mistake. Also, my first experience with repair (would you believe $4,000 for overhauling shock absorbers? would have been $8,000 if they were replaced) was sobering. From then on the old “Roller” was treated as royalty and maintained an honored spot in my many homes’ garages, until my lovely Tennessee daughter convinced me to lend the old “Silvia” to her Reox business to help promote specializing in import automotive repair and “WOW” the locals.” -Steve Masler

See the Silver Cloud in our shop!

WGNS News Radio January 2018 Sound Clip

WGNS Rolls Royce News Story

Reox Automotive will soon have a new friend in their lobby. A 1964 Rolls Royce will be parked on display for guest to view starting Thursday (1/18/18). – News story from WGNS

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Who we are

Joe and Danielle and their three children moved to Tennessee from Redondo Beach California in 2012. Having strong family values, it is their priority to extend the feeling like family to their customers. Danielle has also made it her goal to limit the intimidation some woman may feel when getting their vehicles serviced. Considering just how stressful auto repair can be, Reox Automotive provides a comfortable environment for both men and women. They offer free Wi-Fi, donuts, coffee, or water. There is also a kids center for those with children.

Most importantly, their customers never need to travel shop to shop for multiple repairs. Reox offers all your vehicle maintenance in one location. Let Reox Automotive be your comfort for all your automotive needs.


What to Expect at Reox Automotive

  • 3 year warranty on repairs
  • Free local shuttle service
  • Spacious waiting lobby with complimentary coffee and water
  • Mens and Ladies restrooms are clean & stocked with all the amenities
  • Free Wi-Fi and TV service
  • Financing

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